Аdventure Сapitalist

You have free time, you want to relax and feel like a millionaire will be to your liking. The game will force you to think like a real businessman, develop your business and earn big profits. Hacked Adventure Capitalist is an analogue of Cookie Clicker, but the developers of Hyper Hippo Games have added here more types of business that you can earn.

The essence of the game

You will start earning by selling lemons, you will not earn much by 2 bucks, but you can increase the purchase of lemons, and so sales will increase, and income will increase. Further, when you reach the desired amount, hacking Adventure Capitalist will offer you to engage in the newspaper business – it will generate more income. Having a lot of money in the game Adventure Capitalist, you can have more types of business, namely: car washes, pizzeria, donuts, shrimp business, hockey club, television company, bank, oil company.

Becoming a great businessman, you will need help in doing business, you can hire managers who will sell products instead of you, one manager can monitor only one business, the more managers will thereby save more time and increase your income. You can also increase the number of purchases, thereby increasing revenues. Basically, you will earn dollars from sales, you can earn extra money to revise the videos. But in Adventure Capitalist cheats will provide you with additional gold bars that you can use in the game and attract investors with their help.

Hacking Secrets

The main income will be brought to you by a small business, these are lemons, newspapers, a car wash, a pizzeria, since the time I will spend in them is faster than in large companies. The game has an interface in English, and those who do not know a foreign language well, it will be difficult to figure out what’s what and it will be difficult to understand the essence of the game. Because, if you do not understand the game and do not know what the end result is, then why play. basic knowledge of English will help you understand and start making money in business.

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