Online Head Ball

This is another parody of football, and a little with an incomprehensible title “Online ball for the head.” As far as I know, they play soccer with their feet, which is why it is called Foot – leg / boot, ball – ball. And here they decided to name the head – the ball. Perhaps the developers, Masomo, who are primarily known for their interesting game puzzles, such as: Drawpath, Word Search Socials. MineSweeper Social, decided to have fun here too, and they think it’s fun and creative, but I don’t understand how, because the basis all the same, football is taken and you will have to play with your feet too.

Game features

Hacked Online Head Ball is a 2d game in which you will constantly play against real people, the match lasts 90 seconds and there will be only two players on the field – you and your opponent. The playing field is not very large, the ball will constantly jump, something like a pinball, and you need to reflect the ball with whatever you can (with your foot and head) so that it flies into the opponent’s goal, not yours. To do this, you have control buttons: left buttons forward – backward, and right, kick the ball down and hit the horse, and jump / header, there will also be super abilities, these are: increase by the size of the goal, freeze the opponent and fire.

Hacking Online Head Ball

Hacking Online Head Ball will offer to come to a training match or immediately go to the main menu. To get the game menu, you need to register, usually the game registers through a Google Play account, this will not be enough here, you need to go through Facebook and come up with a game name for yourself and then the choice of passing the game will appear. This will be the season, a store where you can improve the player, team, mission, offline and invite friends. According to the name of the game, more was expected, more online modes. Having a lot of money in the Online Head Ball will allow you to improve your player, thereby winning.

The essence of hacking

After all that has been said, I can safely say that the game is a copy, analog, a parody of Head Soccer, which is almost no different, a little big goal, a little different control, other game methods and a different name (not successful), and it’s easier to play than in Head Soccer. Also here, after each match, a video advertisement pops up that you have to watch, and for which you get nothing, these moments are annoying and the interest to play disappears. Graphics and system sounds are ordinary, without anything extraordinary.

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