Ninja Saga

The game seems to be massively designed for many users of an online role-playing game, developed on the basis of the plot of the cartoon Naruto and every fan can not only watch, but also take part in this story, choosing the element that you like: water, fire, wind, earth, lightning. Hacked Ninja Saga interested all fans of Naruto and fans of the fighting game, which is present in the game. Developed by Emagist Entertainment Limited, which have already released Dragon Legacy and Ninja Mind games for this.

The essence of the game

Having already experience in developing games Emagist Entertainment Limited took and were not mistaken, the game scored more than 20 million registered players who were happy with the game. The game is a classic browser-based walker with fighting elements. Hacking Ninja Saga is available for iOS and Android, which makes it possible to enjoy the game while not near a PC, but you must always have the Internet.

Ninja Saga Cheat Codes

You don’t need to register in the game, you go in, choose a player for yourself, one of the five elements that you want to own and start playing. You will follow the directions of the game first. In Ninja Saga, the codes give you coins and experience points. The menu of the game is quite large, it contains: a house, daily bonuses, missions, shops, an academy whose pets you can buy, a hunting house, a keg room, a blacksmith and that’s not all. For everyone, everything will be interesting mission, because there is the whole essence of the game. Having a lot of money in Ninja Saga, you can buy players, items and much more.

Hacking features

I went into mission mode, the task will pass and fight with different opponents, advice, practice before starting the passage to improve combat skills. But the battle does not take place like an ordinary fighting game, strikes take place in turn and only one strike, you cannot strike the strike queue, you need to wait when they strike you back. The graphics in the anime style are not very impressive, but the fans of this style like and do not reduce this game in popularity. The language interface is only English, to deal with the game will not be easy.


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