Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth Patch and Cheats craft, cases

The apocalypse has come to the planet, and even in Last Day on Earth you play the role not as a savior of our planet, but just try to survive. Here you are going to face a lot of obstacles, terrible things and even insanity. Not everyone can stand it when everyone is eager to kill you. The plague is the reason for all disasters. It overtook the humanity in 2017 and you are one of few who were lucky to survive in such a dangerous environment. As you have already guessed, your main task is to kill the dead. But it is not the only one thing that can kill you. There are a lot of other dangers, such as thirst, hunger or sick wild animals who are waiting for your weakness. Trouble is everywhere. Even other healthy people in Last Day on Earth can kill you by mistake. In this case, you have to join any clan as quickly as possible in order to protect yourself. Go out to the locations together where the largest groups of zombies are. Remember that there are no rules in the post-apocalyptic world. When you see the danger – destroy it in any way. Beat, shoot, cut, squeeze, burn, do anything, but do not allow that infection to get too close and harm you. You have nothing to do here without an effective strategy. In one of the missions you will have to survive in a dead zone and some day it will be useful for you. Last Day on Earth hack is a great way to find out how you could behave in this situation. And for those who believe that this can happen in real life – prepare a good plan. It’s not that easy to survive in Last Day on Earth. Probably you will not manage to stay alive for long. But do not worry. You have several lives to learn how to survive in such conditions. Experienced gamers who have been playing this game for a long time had already killed hundreds of walking dead. And how many of them will you kill until you die?

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