Head Basketball

The game was created by the developers of D & d Dream. They continued to create arcade-style games after the successful launch of Head Soccer. The hacked Head Basketball is an analogue of football, only this is already a typical basketball with interesting elements added to the game. All game principles remained the same, short in time, the match lasts 60 seconds. Two players play the same match, your opponent, and you. The gameplay is also similar to the game of paintball, you need to fight with an opponent, hit the ball so that it flies into the opponent’s basket.

The essence of the game

Players control is not changed at all, forward-backward arrows, super throw, throw / hit, jump. Here you get gold coins (Poit) for the victory, the currency also did not change. With them, you can also improve your player or buy a new one. Hacking the Head Basketball includes six modes: this is arcade (arcade), campaign (campaign), tournament (tournament), survival (survival), league (league), multiplayer. Each mode is different from the other, and the plus is that here you can play immediately in all modes, you do not need to type any certain amount of Poit. But you can use cheats in the Head Basketball game, they will provide you with the right amount of Poit.

Hacking Head Basketball

Begin to learn the game with arcade, I warn you that the game may not seem fair. In this mode, you will play in turn with each player to open the next opponent, you will need to defeat the previous one, and each time the players will become more and more difficult. You will also have other players opening up, and having a lot of money in Head Basketball will help you defeat all your opponents. I began to play and I could not defeat my second opponent seven times in a row, although I played better than me and kept time in the long run, and at the end of the game he miraculously snatched victory.

Hacking features

If you have already played Head Soccer, here you will not see anything new, the games are identical, all that has changed is the balls, and the gate to the baskets. Basketball fans here do nothing, what D & d Dream does is interesting, when there is a free minute, you can have fun and crush someone’s face, the expected moment is that you can beat an opponent and knock him down, and at this time you can throw the ball. But after Head Soccer, each person can have a different experience. Someone will say that it is not interesting, someone will say that something new. The game has been rated by more than five million users.

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