The game is a hotel where players live, they can create different rooms, move around the hotel and conduct dialogs with each other. The game is only online. One gets the feeling that the developers, Sulake Corporation, did not create a game, but a social network in the mode of a hotel and not a big city where you can communicate with different people and this is like everything that happens in the game.

The essence of the game

By launching the hacked Habbo, you will be prompted to immediately select the language in which it will be convenient for you to communicate and in which the game interface itself will be, but there is no Russian language in the game. The game quickly began to gain popularity in the world and the developers of Sulake Corporation began to open branches and hotels around the world. But due to the loss-making and the economic crisis, in February 2009, the Russian branch, the hotel was closed. And now Russian users can only play in English, or some other language.

Habbo Hack

Hacking Habbo will provide an opportunity to choose languages, after which you will be taken to a hotel where you will choose your own room. Honestly, I don’t understand why this is necessary if you sit there yourself. Since everyone is in more crowded places and chatting. The developers paid attention to safety in the game, and the moderators who monitored censorship were interested in it, it’s strictly there, since the average age of the players is 13-18 years. As for me, this is not a very interesting game.

Hacking features

Having a lot of money in Habbo, you can buy yourself different things, and you can also buy animals for yourself. Pixels are provided constantly automatically, and gold coins need to be bought for real money, most purchases are made using gold coins. There are no video ads in the game. People who want to imagine what kind of apartment or house they will have, this game is suitable, you can also pull up your English while communicating with different people. Developers also hold promotions, inviting different stars to the game, and everyone will be able to ask their questions and chat with them.

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