Dragon Hills 2

Dragon Hills 2 Patch and Cheats coins, money

Dragon Hills 2 Hack is a cool and original game, despite the fact that the topic of zombies has long been typical. On this game, it is not a pity to spend a little of your free time, you can rest and have fun. In this game, you will be the main fear, you will be afraid of zombies. Declare a great hunt, leave the field with prey. Take pleasure and profit. @ 1 @@ Dragon Hills 2 is very popular among a decent number of users. It is in the crowd of the best games around the world, available on a mobile device. A game from the action category, also a strategy, is popular in many countries. Dragon Hills 2 is installed on a smartphone and tablet, absolutely free. The game has the ability to make purchases for real money. The plot is primitive, you live in peace, you are surrounded by zombies. The main difference is that zombies are not scary to you, you play the role of a dragon. Your task is hunting for the dead. hack Dragon Hills 2 Patch has a very good graphics, a cartoonish gameplay. In this game there is a lot of charm, it is different from the rest. Your hero is a dragon who flew to the ground, he must eradicate the problem and earn money. You can open your store, where the main product will be zombies. In Dragon Hills 2 you need to show your cunning to catch all the zombies. Use weapons and learn how to properly use traps. Each time you will discover many useful things that will help you in your work. Send your secret prey to a secret laboratory, take their money from them. Show dexterity you will succeed.

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