Doodle God Blitz

Doodle God Blitz Patch and Cheats energy, mana

Doodle God Blitz Patch is the second part of funny and interesting puzzle that will make you strain your logical thinking. But this process is very easy and cute. In the game you will perform the role of a real god and gradually rebuild new parts of our Earth. At first glance the game is very simple, but it will make you realize that such puzzles are not as simple as they seem. Here a true talent is needed and you will have a chance to show it to the full for a noble aim! Your task in Doodle God Blitz Hack is very simple. Just finish the tasks very fast and get a reward for that. You have an opportunity to test your strength in a variety of different levels. Do not think that this too simple. Sometimes you will not understand how to fulfill the task. Get on point and pass the level with a maximum reward, get your treasured three stars. The faster you finish, the sooner you will succeed. Operating in hack Doodle God Blitz is very simple. Just rearrange the squares of the same color to each other and collect the rows. The minimum quantity is two, but the more you manage to put them together, the better it is. If there are more than four of them, then you will get a nice bonus and you will be able to pass the level quickly destroying more squares at a time. Try to guess the right moment to create a combination that will change the whole game. Only a real genius can go through all the locations and get the maximum quantity of stars and other awards. You will have a lot of fun together with Doodle God Blitz. An interesting game will involve once you start and will not let go for very long time. Its colorful and well-drawn graphics will delight your eyes, and pleasant music will not make you bored passing a level by level. Enjoy special effects and lots of levels, which you will not be able to pass without thinking properly.

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